What esave can deliver

What esave can deliver

Here are some examples of what our services have achieved for our customers:

How much are you paying your current energy consultant? It’s very likely more than you think!!

A single large office complex in Aberdeen was paying £100,000 per annum in commission costs, out of a total bill of £400,000, without knowing it.  esave fees for this? <£5000

Commission charges can be as much as 20% or more of your energy costs are not uncommon. Don’t believe the sales pitch – it’s not free!  The cost of commission is added directly to the cost of your energy.  Ask your advisor what they make on your deal.

Genuine savings on your energy costs e.g A local charitable organisation saved 40%; one of the largest users in the North of Scotland saved 12.5% last year.

>20% regularly saved on water charges.

50%+ savings on BT contracts for corporates and small businesses alike. An independent procurement service on all fixed and mobile communications contracts, making sure you stay competitive, saving you time.

£70,000 per annum saved by reviewing the capacity levels of two electricity  connections, savings that repeat year after year.

In the last 12 months, our invoice checking has saved customers tens of £’000’s in overcharges.

Free professional advice and support on reducing energy use and being more sustainable, as a contractor for the Scottish Governments Resource Efficient Scotland service.

Energy audits carried out as part of ESOS legislation identified savings of £3.7million, much of this at no/low cost. e.g. Savings of £70,000 per annum identified for one customer switching from oil heating to gas.

Better sustainability performance improves competitiveness.  We increased one customer’s rating in supply chain assessments (FPAL) by >50%, improving their position in competitive bids.

Compliance with environmental/energy legislation (e.g.ESOS ) and ISO standards,   externally benchmarked by regulators and independent assessors alike as ‘best in class’.

What gets measured, get’s managed.  Our ensensus web portal gives you the energy & sustainability data you need at your fingertips.

esave: Pay less.  Use less.  Be compliant.  Be sustainable.