Ensensus Software

New update! ensensus now gives you the ability to:
  • issue and schedule reminders to get meters read across your estate
  • enter readings and have them automatically sent to your energy supplier.
  • upload photographs to help deal with future billing disputes and queries
  • retain and access reading history for all your meters in one location, removing the need for error prone spreadsheets.

In today’s market of volatile energy prices and increasing green taxes, businesses can no longer afford to be reactive in their approach to energy and utility use.  Businesses have no control over the wholesale energy markets, government taxation or environmental levies, the only thing you do have control over is how much energy you use and when you use it.

By being able to understand your usage, implement energy efficient measures and reduce your consumption will reduce your overall cost.  ensensus is an online data management and reporting tool.  It takes real time information directly from your electricity, gas and water meters and presents it to you via an easy to use online portal.

ensensus enables you to:

  • Quickly access all your company’s energy usage and cost information in one place
  • Measure, monitor and analyse your consumption against previous years
  • Identify opportunities to optimise energy and utility usage, reduce waste and save on bills
  • Access up to the minute market information and insight

Not only are you able to accurately monitor the usage but you can set almost infinite parameters for your facility and get notified direct to your desktop or mobile if those rules are met.

Combine the power of the system with the ability to create exception reports relevant to your site and you have a very powerful tool.

Implementing ensensus is extremely easy.  If you are a half hourly electricity user the information is normally taken straight from the meter.  If you are a non-half hourly electricity, gas or water customer there may need to be a meter or logger installed but esave can arrange that for you.

Monitoring your energy usage has never been so easy, no matter where you are or where your sites are all the information is available from a click of a button.