Louise Watson

Business Administrator

I work as part of the billing team, which involves checking customers’ bills and that they are being billed correctly. I also provide general assistance to everyone at the office.

Aileen Russell

Metering & Data Solutions Administrator

I am responsible for arranging MOP’s, AMR’s, logger agreements, new connections and MIC & AQ reviews. Ultimately this means that if the data stops I have to find out what’s gone wrong and fix it.

George Michie

Managing Director

My main role is to represent the public face of the Company. That lets me give our customers a direct line in for any feedback on all aspects of our service and also a means of making sure customers understand what we can offer them.

Neil Watson

Chief Executive

As one of the two Directors, I look after all the operations and finance of the business, and also our customers. I’ve worked in the energy sector since 1986 in a variety of roles and so I guess I know a fair bit about energy supply.

Angus Barnett

Pricing Analyst

I cover a wide variety of tasks within my role here such as terminating contracts, preparing tenders and issuing them to suppliers. I’ll then provide our customers with the results whilst giving them advice on what is best to go with for them.

Marta Vilmute

Billing Advisor

My role here at esave is mainly checking over our client’s bills and advising them on anything they need to know when it comes to their billing. Problem solving in the billing department and handling such things as change of tenancies for the clients is a few other tasks I undertake as Billing Advisor.