Energy Reduction

For organisations of all sizes, reducing energy consumption is an easy and inexpensive way to dramatically cut increasing energy costs.

It is estimated that large businesses could cut 15% from their energy bills through energy efficiency measures alone (The Carbon Trust, 2014). Not only will reducing energy consumption improve the bottom line, but it will enhance the organisations environmental credentials and could be the deciding factor in future deals.

The key to any successful reduction in energy is the process of monitoring, understanding, controlling and conserving the energy within the organisation. Typically this involves the following steps:

  • Identification of energy uses through an energy audit
  • Monitoring energy consumption and understanding what affects it through an online monitoring system like ensensus
  • Developing an energy policy
  • Setting energy reduction targets
  • Identifying and implementing energy saving measures
  • Introducing energy awareness training & events to staff

Through these steps, organisations will save energy and money. The best way to begin this process is usually by getting help from experts like us who can develop and introduce an effective energy strategy and secure additional help from government schemes such as Resource Efficient Scotland.
Start your energy reducing journey by downloading our energy efficiency checklist and discovering how energy efficient your businesses currently is.