Fixed Water Contracts

At esave it’s the same water, same pipes but cheaper bills. By comparing water rates, water suppliers and water contacts, we find the most cost effective water deals that save businesses money.

Businesses in Scotland have been free to choose their water and wastewater supplier since 2008.  Unfortunately, despite this freedom to choose, research conducted by Citizens Advice Bureau suggests that only 17% of small businesses would consider changing their water supplier.

In our experience, the majority of customers could benefit from the competitive market in water purchasing. Indeed, in recent months we have secured discounts for our customers of up to 25%

At esave we apply the same philosophy to water as we do for energy; we help you to reduce costs and reduce usage.

The process for saving on your water bills is easy.

Just get in touch with us, send us your water bills and it’s all systems go. We will tender for prices, recommend the best option for you and manage the transfer.

We can also carry out historic bill auditing to make sure your business has been billed correctly in the past, and if not, we’ll advise you on the best way to secure any money due.

There’s no charge for this service, so why not take advantage today to see if we can help you reduce your costs.

Same pipes, same water, just cheaper bills.