Carbon Footprinting

​If your business needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, report environmental impact, or wants to make a virtue of its environmental credentials, the first place to start is your carbon footprint…

A carbon footprint is an internationally recognised measure of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an individual, organisation, event or product, either directly or indirectly. Once you know the size of your carbon footprint, a strategy can be devised to reduce it, e.g. by technological developments, smarter processes and better product management.

You might need to do this to meet the requirements of other regulatory programs such as Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) or the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), for identification of environmental aspects of ISO14001/ISO50001 or for reporting under the Carbon Disclosure Program.

esave provide a complete carbon footprint solution for companies of any size –  from working out the size of your carbon footprint, to identifying and prioritising key actions and developing and implementing a robust and deliverable carbon reduction strategy.

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